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Focus on antibiotic resistance at ASM Microbe 2018

May 22nd, 2018 (No Comments)

Host of Emory microbiologists participating.

Adaptive mutation mechanism may drive some forms of antibiotic resistance

August 27th, 2015 (No Comments)

Retromutagenesis resolves the puzzle: if cells aren’t growing because they’re under stress, which means their DNA isn’t being copied, how do the new mutants appear?
The answer: a mutation appears in the RNA first. Despite its name, retromutagenesis does not involve reverse transcriptase.

Antibiotic resistance enzyme caught in the act

July 30th, 2014 (1 Comment)

ICYMI, part of an increasing interest in antibiotic resistance at Emory, coming from many angles: biochemistry/microbiology/infectious diseases.

Retaining the resistance: MCR-1, colistin + lysozyme

October 18th, 2016 (No Comments)

The plasmid MCR-1, which confers resistance to the last-resort antibiotic colistin, also confers resistance to an antimicrobial enzyme produced by our bodies. This suggests that the pressure of fighting the host immune system may select for MCR-1 to stick around, even in the absence of colistin use.

Fooling the test: antibiotic resistant bacteria that look susceptible

May 13th, 2016 (No Comments)

The phenomenon of heteroresistance could be causing unexplained treatment failures in the clinic and highlights the need for more sensitive diagnostic tests. Enterobacter cloacae from CDC image library.

Rescuing existing antibiotics with adjuvants

January 15th, 2016 (No Comments)

Many of the points Gerald Wright made at Thursday’s Antibiotic Resistance Center Symposium on combination drug discovery strategy could apply to approaches taken by Emory researcher Cassandra Quave.

Nudging physician behavior on antibiotic orders

November 3rd, 2015 (1 Comment)

Give doctors a subtle push in terms of antibiotic cost information, and they appear to respond.

All the boulders at the same time

August 21st, 2015 (No Comments)

CDC expert Arjun Srinivasan discussed the multifaceted nature of antibiotic resistance on Wednesday, August 19, as part of the launch of the Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center.

A crystal ball for Lab Land: Top 5 topics in 2015

January 2nd, 2015 (No Comments)

1. Alzheimer’s 2. Ebola 3. Hypersomnia 4. Microbiome/antibiotic resistance 5. Endovascular stroke

Triple play in science communication

July 20th, 2020 (No Comments)

We are highlighting Emory BCDB graduate student Emma D’Agostino, who is a rare triple play in the realm of science communication. Emma has her own blog, where she talks about what it’s like to have cystic fibrosis. Recent posts have discussed the science of the disease and how she makes complicated treatment decisions together with […]