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Loud applause for the members of SWAE. The student group Science Writers at Emory, previously dormant, has relaunched the publication “In Scripto”. We look forward to seeing more from SWAE.

The new Halloween-themed issue of In Scripto is published in “ISSUU”, but I’ve broken it down into a table of contents by author, graduate program and article:

Robin Uchiyama, Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis, Note from Editor

Anzar Abbas, Neuroscience: essay on science communication

Erica Bizzell, Microbiology + Molecular Genetics: Ebola roundup

Zach Ende, Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis: exploration of personal genomics

Kristen Thomas, Neuroscience: “The myth of demonic possession and the history of schizophrenia”

B Wilson, Neuroscience: Using a Hitchcock film to detecting awareness in unresponsive patients

Kristen Blanchard, Genetics + Molecular Biology: Filling in holes in evolutionary theory

Claire Galloway, Psychology, Neuroscience + Animal Behavior: New approaches to Alzheimer’s

Jadiel Wasson, Biochemistry, Cell + Developmental Biology: Intelligence among crows

Brilee Coleman, Molecular + Systems Pharmacology: White Nose Syndrome, a disease affecting bats

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